Weight Loss? Here Are 9 Tips That Will Come Handy

The constant cravings, the procrastination when it comes to going to the gym and the accompanying guilt- you probably could relate to all of these if you ever had/have ‘Weight Loss’ as one of your goals. Has anything yielded some result yet? If not, you are at the right place. Let’s get you through some basics of weight loss.

The more you think about weight loss, the harder it is going to be. Ever notice how on a busy day, you forget to eat? While it is not advisable to skip meals, this still works. If you have yoga class, gym sessions, hobby workshops plus a million errands go run, you really won’t have the time to think about your diet routine. Just set a diet for yourself and when you’re so busy, it will simply be easier to follow that routine instead of looking for junk food.
So guess what? You going through endless number of content online that advocates the “Zero Calorie” concept has done no good to you. You probably feel convinced about choosing such drinks labelled as “NO SUGAR- NO CALORIE” Drink over any other, but your body doesn’t. It needs a fair share of sugar to have a good run the entire day. So it’s better you choose wisely and choose natural sugar over such bogus products from the market. Fresh juices, vegetable or fruit smoothies should be your go-to solution.
To add some sweetness in your refreshing drink, you can add some natural sugar substitutes like Stevia, which is actually calorie free or honey.
Basic tip, but very useful. Let weight loss not get reduced to simply being a game of numbers when it is actually supposed to be something that makes you feel healthy! So abstain from climbing on that machine every now and then and focus on your habits instead of the results.
Losing weight is not just restricted to eating healthy. You are going to have to completely change your lifestyle. It includes something as basic as taking the stairs instead of the lift, fixing your posture and getting enough sleep.
Starving yourself is never the answer. It will lower your energy and make you cranky. Eat in small amounts, all throughout the day. You could be having about 6 different meals in the day and all of them should be healthy, and in small amounts. Replace your daily cup of milky tea with a green tea like lemon flavoured green tea and switch oily snacks with a superfood like roasted chana.
Crazy diets, hours at the gym. It can get a bit too much. Let your body take time to fix itself. Yoga is a brilliant way of doing this as mediation clears up your mind and body, letting it relax. It will fix your body up, and prepare it for the next day of work, of weight loss. It is of utter importance that your body feels at it’s best and comfortable during such activities.
If you go for ORGANIC YOGA CLOTHES, meant for the purpose, you are doing great to your body, you are wearing less chemicals and you are working out more effectively.
Rewards and punishments work amazingly for achieving weight loss but these should be decided entirely by you. Treat yourself to a new outfit with every set of kilos you lose. Worked out an extra hour at the gym? Reward yourself by some relaxing pampering time at the spa. It is a process of self love because you’re learning to make your body better and to love it for all that it is.
 Go easy on yourself and know that you are amazing for all the effort you put in. Weight loss is a process and a slow one, so we hope these tips make it a little easier!

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