Have you taken the #100DaysOfNoSugar Challenge Yet?

So what is about the #100DaysOfNoSugar Challenge?

Recent scientific research has proven that the primary cause of obesity and rising heart diseases are not fats, as the popular understanding says. Rather, it is sugar, which has replaced all the major fats in our diets causing weight gain and many more diseases.
The challenge itself is simple. You do not consume any form of unnatural and refined sugar. There are basically three levels of this challenge:
1: No refined sugar
2: No processed sugar products
3: No refined sugar, no fructose, no carbohydrates
Even fruits have a major amount of sugar in them so the higher levels indicate even giving up on them. If you’re someone who’s going on any sort of diet for the very first time, we’d suggest sticking to Level 1 or 2.
Let’s talk about the benefits.
Of course, we’re not going to embark on a journey which could be very, very painful (think midnight cravings for donuts) without talking about the benefits first. And we promise you, there are plenty. At the end of these 100 days, this is what you can expect:
1. Flattened Up!
Most of the artificial sugar that we consume is directly converted to fats and thus, when you completely give up on sugar, your overall body will feel more toned and slimmer, especially the belly area and the face.
2. Improved Skin.
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Excessive sugar promotes oil glands to produce more oil. Thus, quitting on sweets will result in less acne, more hydrated skin and a smoother skin texture.

3. Energy Gain
Although consuming sugary products might boost your energy temporarily, they really decrease energy levels in the body and make you feel tired. So with no sugar, you’ll be feeling more upbeat and ready to take on the world.
4. Less Calories In
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This is because sugar tends to light up your brain’s reward center & potentially increases cravings. The lesser sugar you consume, the more control you will have on your cravings. 
5. Experience the Real taste
Sugar majorly interferes with the real taste of foods. For example, coffee and tea have a beautiful flavour in themselves and sugar changes that completely.
While the benefits are truly amazing, the way to reach these benefits is not all that easy and there are several challenges that you will face in these 100 days.
1. Firstly, living in India means that it’s always a time for celebration. With all those tempting sweets and desserts around and of course the aromatic delicacies your mom cooks, it is quite a tough deal to say “NO”.
2. The ratio of unhealthy food can outscore the healthier choices. Finding the food itself is a task because literally everything in commercial stores has processed sugar in it. Be it packed juices or “health bars” as they call it.
So your best bet would be to drop by a health food store or just cook stuff yourself.
3. And lastly, the most difficult challenge. With summers approaching, indulging in your favourite refreshing drink is quite obvious. But of course, it hasn’t got that charm unless it has got that tangy taste. Sugar has its own role in it, right?
So how to start?
1. Firstly, if you can’t manage to do it already, convince yourself that is the right decision for you. Can’t you just see a youthful, energetic, beautiful you at the end of the road?
2. Mark the first day in your calendar and the last day, 100 days later. This is the duration of your battle. Prep early by gathering materials. You will need forms of natural sugar such as Honeyjaggery, fruits, Stevia. 
How Long Does It Take To Settle In?
The first 14 days will definitely be the toughest. Your body will crave a lot more, you might have not started feeling the benefits yet and the remaining timeline will seem way too long to ever get through. But around the 20-30th days, it starts to get easier. As your skin gets better and your body feels younger, you’ll realize that it is actually worth it!
At The End of The Challenge:
Get ready to narrate your transformation journey over and over again to everyone you see.
 Remember that all the things we stop ourselves from doing are mostly entirely in our heads so if you think you can’t do this, you probably won’t be able to. The challenge itself, is as easy as you make it to be!

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