Why Organic Holi Colours Are Safer Option For Your Kids?

Who loves Holi more than kids? And when it comes to your own kid, we’re sure you’ve seen them get all excited about the festival of colors! Kids are particularly attracted to Holi and love to arm themselves with water guns, masks, hats and colors. But considering the danger in the chemicals used in the Holi colours, it would not be surprising if your kid ends up with some serious skin related issues. For such reasons and more, it is always advisable to use Organic Holi colors. Why? Let’s explore.

(1) No Chemicals

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Younger skin is supposed to be a lot sensitive than mature skin and tends to  absorb chemicals from colors which leads to rashes, allergies and skin related serious issues. Synthetic colors are wholly made up of chemicals and are clearly not suitable for your child’s skin. Even though Holi brings a lot of fun and excitement for your kid but it is considered to be one of the dangerous festivals.

(2) Eyes- Most Vulnerable Part

It is essential that you don’t let your kid put any color into their mouth or eyes. Eyes being the most sensitive part of one’s body, should be taken care of particularly. If the color enters your child’s eye, wash it with plenty of water. DO NOT let them rub the eye. It is always advisable to use organic colors and protect your kid’s eye the same way as organic colours are chemical-free
and do not cause burning or irritation even if they come in contact with eyes.

(3) Protect Them From Consumption!

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If you have a very young child, do not count out this scenario altogether. Even otherwise, the festival can get rough and in the playful tussle, your child may end up ingesting some colour orally. If this was chemical colour, it could cause serious stomach and throat issues but with organic holi colours, you can be free of any such worries.

(4) They do not harm the environment

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As boring as it sounds, you want to make your child aware about the importance of caring about the environment. The traditionally prepared organic colours have always been the preferred option, even in ancient cultures and while the commercial colours might be more vibrant, the overall satisfaction of pure and healthy products is incomparable. Your children will also find these organic colours a lot more comfortable to use and it will surely make the festival super fun for them!

We know how much you care for your kids, but there are few things that you might fail to attend to. This further becomes difficult considering the kind and amount of adulteration that goes around. Let us help you do your best. Opt for Organic Holi Colours this festival and protect your kid from any imminent harm.

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