Women, This Is Why You Should Go For Organic Colors This Holi

Celebrating Holi is fun, we agree. But its after-effect on the skin is unfortunately not. By now you already know the havoc, that synthetic colors wreak on your skin, hair and health altogether. So what do you do? Stop celebrating your favorite festival and stop enjoying altogether? Well no, if you choose organic over synthetic. The harsh chemical components used in colors can put a dampener on your spirit. Here are few reasons which will convince you to swap the regular, chemical-packed colours with the naturally made, organic colours.

1.  Save Your Skin

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It is so ironic that Holi, which is a festival which celebrates nature in all
its hues and finery, and also the good over evil, is today largely celebrated with unhealthy and toxic chemicals. Hardly do you realize that in the garb of celebration, what are you exposing your skin and hair to. The mildest forms of adverse health effects include hair and skin problems like abrasions and irritation whilst the most serious forms include poisoning and cancer. A reason good enough to choose organic Holi colors this season and save yourself from all the harsh chemicals that will be pain for a long term.

2. Celebration, In Its Purest Form

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Since organic Holi colors are made up of natural ingredients, there are no harsh chemicals to deal with afterwards. Gram flour, turmeric, fuller’s earth, sandal wood powder, henna powder are common ingredients used to make organic Holi colors. Flowers like marigold and gulmohar, and vegetables like beetroot are used to create fine colors. Most of these ingredients are used in kitchens and beauty face packs. So it’s also a bonus for the skin, as they smell great and are gentle on your skin.

3. Eco-Friendly

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The artificial colors use components such as acids, mica, glass powder and alkalis that are almost impossible to decompose biologically. They tend to spread the toxic elements present in them and  pose a threat to the environment; soil & water. So, this year make a resolution to play with organic Holi colors and not harm the environment.

4. Easily Removable

Prevention Is Better Than Cure. Instead of flooding your scalp with bottles of shampoo to remove the color from your hair, better prevent the situation already. Apply ample olive oil on your hair so that rinsing off the color gets easier and use organic color instead of the artificial colors. They rinse off easily because of the natural components they are made of.

Now that you know about what Organic Colors can do for you, you could buy them here for a safer and better Holi.

Organic is not plainly about what you consume, it is a lifestyle. The lifestyle you adopt today, will affect you sooner or later. Not only you, but the environment you and your future generation live in. Swapping evil for the better is always smart.


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