Did You Know These 6 Health Benefits of Green Tea With Honey?

By now you have already heard and read a lot about Green Tea. As endless brands are coming with their versions of green tea, needless to say, organic is simply the best. Choosing organic multiplies the health benefits of green tea with honey drastically.

Organic green tea with honey makes just the perfect blend of everything good. How about your daily cup of green tea gets sweeter and tastier, yet healthier? Organic Honey does exactly that. It maximizes the green tea benefits, quite sweetly! Let’s go through some of the benefits that this concoction has to offer.

Health Benefits of Green Tea with Honey

(1)  Restores Skin Health


Drinking organic green tea with honey is great for your skin. Both Green Tea & Honey are rich in anti-oxidants, regular consumption helps flush out toxins and restoring healthy minerals and vitamins in the body. This helps renew the skin cells and brings out a younger and healthier skin.

(2)  Enhanced Hair Growth

Green tea is full of catechins and other compounds like ascorbic acid and zinc that help prevent hair loss and enhance their growth. Owing to the present day lifestyle and improper care leave hair looking lifeless. Both honey and green tea are great sources to bring back the lost sheen and bounce.

(3) Good For Diabetic Patients

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Interestingly, the essential elements present in green tea are known to absorb the glucose and maintain sugar levels in the body. Organic honey too helps lower the blood sugar levels considerably. Thus, this makes it self-explanatory that diabetic patients should substitute their regular cup of tea with this harmless ambrosia.

(4) Weight Management

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The weight loss benefits of green tea are widely known and adding honey to it makes it even better.

Every weight management discussion boils down to physical activities you involve in and your calorie intake. We surely can help you with the latter. You probably already consume green tea as you have heard or known from sources.

But effective consumption is when consumed right. Substitute refined sugar with a tsp of organic honey and add it to your routine. Green tea when taken with honey, increases metabolism, helps in faster burning of calories and stimulates weight loss.

(5) Dental Health

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This is one of the lesser known health benefits of green tea with honey.The catechins in green tea combined with honey reduce the effects of bacteria that cause plaque and other dental issues, thus providing better dental health. Further, they also help eliminate bad breath.

(6) Treats Common Cold

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The concoction helps build immunity and fights bacteria that cause common cold and flu. Regular consumption helps stay healthy and strong. Benefits of green tea with honey in the morning are especially high.

How To Make Green Tea with Honey

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  • Boil water and add Organic Green Tea.
  • Add 1 tsp of Organic Honey
  • Stir and Sip!

Your tea is ready!

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