The Tampon Taboo! Being a Bold 21st Century Woman You MUST Know These

As if there weren’t already enough taboos to fight against, here is another one to add to the list- the TAMPON TABOO! And why not? If female sexuality could remain unutterable in 21st century, tampons still have got a real fight to achieve! Here are 8 real absurd myths that need to be, and MUST be busted.

1. You lose your virginity if you wear a tampon.

Tampons don't lose virginity
Virginity ≠ Tampons

No! Tampons and virginity are not linked whatsoever!

2. Tampons might reach the stomach.

Tampons don't reach stomach

No ladies, it simply won’t.

3. Tampons are painful.

Tampons are painful
Painfree Tampons

Tampons do not do you any harm unless you have some pre-existing medical issues. They might be uncomfortable initially like anything used for the first time, but you develop the habit gradually.

4. Tampons might cause STDs, if used for long time.

Tampons don't cause STD

Tampons are least qualified to cause sexually transmitted diseases. However, contact with an STD affected person sure will.

5. If it gets stuck?

Tampons never stuck
Tampons never stuck

Tampons do not get stuck in you body. However, in rarest of the rare cases if it does, do not panic. Squat and gently pull it out using your fingers.

6. The most common, Tampons are gross!

healthy tampons
Hygienic Tampons

Is menstruating gross? A tampon is rather the most hygienic option available. It is easily disposable and does not create a mess. You can decompose it by simply flushing it down.

7. Tampons should be removed every time you use the loo.

Tampons during urines

NO! Tampons are inserted in a different vaginal opening than the one that our body uses to urinate. You might want to take care of the tampon thread though while you pee.

8. Tampons are not available in the Indian Market.

Buy tampons in india
Tampons are available

All you need here is the right platform, which is right here!

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