Why Every 21st-Century Woman Must Switch to Organic Sanitary Pads & Tampons

The things we choose to buy and use have a major impact on our lives. For the 21st century woman, who is completely in charge of her life, it is essential to make the right decisions regarding her health. A major change that a woman can bring in her daily life is choosing organic, for her body and the environment!

We’ve had every brand blast us with information about organic food products and items of everyday use, but a not a lot of people are familiar with organic feminine hygiene products.

Why Not Commercial Products?

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The first thing to know is how your regular commercial pads and tampons are essentially ruining your body. Vagina is one of the most vulnerable and sensitive parts of your body and feminine hygiene products come in direct contact with it. Now some of us might bother to read the ingredients in our food products once in awhile but as modern as we may be, we never really bother reading about what goes into our tampons, right? And even if we did, we wouldn’t know because companies don’t disclose what goes into them.

  • Numerous studies have suggested that they contain dioxins, synthetic fibres and petrochemical additives. Doesn’t sound very nice for the most sensitive part of your body, right?
  •  It is pretty easy to figure out that they contain plastics, perfumes, chlorine based dyes and petroleum derived products and pesticides.
  • That is essentially why they’re so irritating and rough on our skin, leading to rashes and infections. The harsh plastic materials block the natural airflow to your vagina, causing rashes and dryness which is very painful and we’re pretty sure nobody enjoys walking awkwardly in this uncomfortable situation.
  • Not only do these lead to temporary infections, they can also be a cause of cancer and major reproductive diseases. Well, that should be enough reason to shift to a healthier alternative.

Well, if there weren’t enough problems already in a woman’s life, now we have to deal with plastic and chemical infections even during the worst five days of the month? Not really, because there are safer alternatives. Like everything else, choosing products that are natural and chemical-free is the simplest way to detox your lifestyle.

Here are 6 reasons why Organic Sanitary Products are the easiest choice you should be making!


  1. There are multiple brands which are now making organic tampons and panty liners. These are completely free of plastics and chlorine and only use 100% organic cotton and plant materials.
  2. Not only are you doing a huge favour to the environment, you’re also making a safer, healthier and more comfortable choice for your body.
  3. Since they’re made of natural cotton fibres, they are super soft and gentle on the skin, allowing your skin to breathe and maintain the natural pH balance.
  4. Because these are natural, they do not contain any chemical deodorants, rather, they work at maintaining a natural freshness.
  5. Just because they’re natural does not mean that they are less efficient in any way. You can get various types of pads and tampons for a light or heavy flow and different sizes, for the perfect fit.
  6. The waterproofing material is made of plant extracts so you do not have to worry about leakage at all.

For any modern woman, it is a step towards a better, more informed decision that will ultimately benefit her body.


Sure, these might be a little more expensive than the commercial pads but your body will definitely thank you in the long run. And hey, you’ll definitely be spending a lot less on organic hygiene products than the fee you’d have to give for an awkward trip to the gynecologist if you got some weird infection. Ultimately, rather than handing over your money and health to faceless companies, you should choose an alternative which is right for your body and empowers you personally.

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