Gone Are The Days of Mithai Dabbas, It’s Time for Organic Gifts

The exchange of gifts on festivals is not a mere tradition, it is a token of happiness. This Diwali, gift something that does not keep moving in a circle, but something that reflects care and love that you do. Here are 8 things that will help you out.

1. Organic Dry Fruits

As the cold weather starts settling in, dry fruits are the perfect choice for battling that slight chill in the air. Since they’re not as fattening as sweets and have so many more nutrients, we’re sure your health conscious relatives will appreciate organic raisins, walnuts, cashews and almonds. These can also be added to some of those delicious delicacies that are prepared for the festival! To buy now, click here.

2. Organic Pickle, Chutney & Jams

With boxes of sweets and namkeens dropping in from all sides, your friends and relatives will be pleasantly surprised by something like organic pickles and jams. Not only do these cater to both sweet and tangy tastes, these are made from fresh produce so you can be assured of the taste and quality. To buy now, click here.

3. Assorted Teas

You can’t live in India without knowing at least a few tea addicts and we’ve found the perfect gift. They’ll love you for gifting them a pack of assorted teas that contains Tulsi Original, Ginger, Masala and Green Tea. The roasted, earthy flavour is something so different from their usual milky cuppa and the box of assorted teas will be like a treasure box for any tea lover. To buy now, click here.

4. Healthy Snacks

Know someone who has kids in the house or is always munching? Healthy, organic snacks such as chana dal masala and peanuts are a great replacement for their usual bag of chips. These are fat free, gluten free and of course, guilt free. Plus, gifting it on Diwali is ideal as they’ll surely come in handy for the hoards of guests. To buy now, click here.

5. Organic Apparel

If you wish to step away from the usual and are looking for something special for a person who is close to you, organic apparel is the next new thing. These are made from natural fabrics that are light, breathable and super comfortable! Plus, who doesn’t love a unique addition to their wardrobe? To buy now, click here.

6. Home furnishing (bedsheets, cushions)


Diwali is a time when everyone is obsessed with fancying up their home, making organic bed sheets and cushion covers a brilliant option. The vibrant colours work perfectly for the festive mood and these natural fabrics are a lot more durable than artificial, synthetic ones. To buy now, click here.

7. Health Drinks

Want to add a healthy kick to someone’s diet? Health juices are the way to go! With their lovely, tangy flavours, these are irresistible and they won’t be able to stop chugging the delicious amla and jamun juices. For someone with a bit more dedication, gift the triphala or aloe vera variants. To buy now, click here.

8. Organic Basket

If you’re planning on getting someone started with a more natural, organic and fulfilling lifestyle, an organic basket is what is needed. It contains grains, pulses, flour, rice, spices, sweeteners, tea and other daily items in a sufficient quantity. All the items are of premium quality and the taste is clearly distinguishable from adulterated commercial products. To buy now, click here.

So this Diwali, gift something that your loved ones cherish. Gift happiness the healthy way.

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